Fairfax Countywide Transit Network Study

The purpose of the Fairfax Countywide Transit Network Study (CTNS) is to establish a long-term network of high quality transit corridors. Recommendations for where Metrorail should be extended, where streetcar or light-rail systems are appropriate, and where dedicated lanes that allow buses to move faster could go, will all be developed based on the results of this study. Additional questions the study seeks feedback and comments on include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • What do you think are the travel markets of greatest importance to Fairfax County?

  • Within a travel market, what types of transit functions (commuter, destination, circulator) do you think are of greatest value to Fairfax County?

  • What types of transit technologies should be considered to serve that function?

  • What additional land use or transportation system policy changes should be considered to optimized transportation system performance and effectiveness?

Background study information; including public meeting materials describing potential travel markets, transit functions, and transit technologies under consideration; is available on the study website:
Fairfax Countywide Transit Network Study

We invite you to share your ideas and comments on the CTNS, and to vote for submissions you agree with. Your ideas and comments will be shared with county officials and planners to help guide the study to reflect the transit needs and desires of all Fairfax County residents and visitors. Thank you for your interest and contributions to the Fairfax Countywide Transit Network Study.