Countywide Dialogue on Transportation

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has asked the county’s Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) to work with county staff to engage county residents and businesses in a dialogue about unfunded transportation projects in Fairfax County. The results of this dialogue will assist the Board of Supervisors in selecting transportation priorities that can be addressed with new and existing revenue sources through Fiscal Year 2020.

The County has identified nearly two hundred capital and operating projects important for maintaining or improving a safe and efficient transportation network. These projects are in addition to projects that are already funded and in progress. These unfunded projects provide -new capacity, and include interchange improvements, roadway extensions, spot improvements, roadway widening projects, transit, and pedestrian and bicycle improvements.

The Board of Supervisors would like community feedback on this list of unfunded projects. View an interactive map of the projects to learn details about each project, and then complete the online survey to indicate the projects which are most important to you.

We invite you to share your ideas and comments on the projects, and to vote for submissions you agree with. Your ideas and comments will be shared with county officials and planners. Thank you for your interest and contributions to the Countywide Dialogue on Transportation.

Countywide Dialogue on Transportation

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The multimillion dollar project to widen Route 7 from Georgetown Pike to Tysons corner has been "in the works" since I arrived in 1997, and we are still waiting to see results. However, the real issue may not be not widening the road, but eliminating chokepoints at the major intersections. This can be done far more cost effectively by simply having either tunnels or flyovers at key intersections like Baron Cameron, Beulah ...more »

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