Countywide Dialogue on Transportation

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The multimillion dollar project to widen Route 7 from Georgetown Pike to Tysons corner has been "in the works" since I arrived in 1997, and we are still waiting to see results. However, the real issue may not be not widening the road, but eliminating chokepoints at the major intersections. This can be done far more cost effectively by simply having either tunnels or flyovers at key intersections like Baron Cameron, Beulah Rd. etc. The recent project to change the intersection at Rt 7 and Georgetown Pike has taken many months to complete (still unfinished) and cost many millions, but is unlikely to eliminate the traffic backups in the morning or evening rush hour. The problem is the interruption to the traffic flow caused by cars turning off Rt 7, or cars crossing the highway at these other intersections. Having three lanes in each direction will simply mean three lanes of traffic stuck at the light, rather than two. It is not cost effective, and traffic flow outside of rush hour is easily managed by the existing two lanes. If those bottlenecks can be eliminated with innovative solutions that will not cost excessive amounts, and will still solve the problem better than a mere widening of the road,tyaxpayers will be better served.



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