Fairfax Countywide Transit Network Study

Smoother Ride on RT 7 at Lower Cost to Taxpayers

Rush hour traffic on Rt 7 is consistently terrible, but could move more efficiently by removing the chokepoints at key intersections. Widening a road but leaving traffic lights will not remove chokepoints (as was proven on Rt 7 in Loudoun County); it requires flyovers, tunnels or other means to allow traffic to flow unimpeded. Fairfax County DOT and the VDOT should therefore study the feasibility and cost of building overpasses, tunnels or other ways to eliminate traffic lights at the intersections of RT 7 with Baron Cameron Rd, Colvin Mill Rd, Beulah Rd and Towlston Rd, the critical chokepoints for eastbound traffic in the morning and westbound traffic in the evening. Costs may be significantly lower than widening RT 7 (which has many substantial issues and will involve very substantial costs) and could be a far more efficient way of resolving the traffic issue. Widening the road to three lanes will simply mean congestion at the traffic lights in all three lanes, without achieving and unimpeded traffic flow.



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