Fairfax Countywide Transit Network Study

Route One

Planners have mixed ideas on Rt 1 - some want it to be a major commuter corridor, others want it to become a mixed-use walkable community. The two visions are ordinarily incompatible (fast traffic kills pedestrians), but there is a way to satisfy both: (1) extend Yellow Line (underground) to Ft Belvoir (or, preferably, to Lorton or Woodbridge) to reduce overall traffic count; and (2) build traffic tunnels (like Dupont Circle) or, where appropriate, above-ground decking (like the decking in on I-66 at Rosslyn primarily for pedestrians and businesses) at designated CBCs (i.e. Penn Daw, Groveton/Beacon, etc) so traffic can continue moving at those places while allowing for mixed-use/walkable/urban village development at the same time. Part 2 can be competed well in advance of the metro extension, and can work even if the metro extension never happens.


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    Chuck Coleman

    A cheaper alternative to running the Yellow Line underground is a light rail line in the median.

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      James ( Idea Submitter )

      I like the idea of light rail in the median (query whether the grade from Hybla Valley to Beacon Hill is too steep for light rail), but embarking/debarking passengers in the median of Rt 1 will require significant traffic calming measures (or perhaps pedestrian bridges/tunnels) for safety.

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    Mike Garcia

    Add in a BRT line. They already have the REX bus but its traveling with traffic. It can run from old town to Ft. Belvor or even to connect to woodbridge. Route 1 has service roads on either side andin some spots both. Use the service roads as the dedicated lanes. It will obstruct less traffic during constuction unlike the one in Alexandria that has to close lanes in both directions since its in the middle of the road. I'm sure this will also save some money. An example off this is the Orange line in Los Angeles. It runs parallel with road and is inthe median only some parts of the route. This will will attract even more riders because unlike the curren t Rex bus route it wont get stuck in traffic or hold back traffic when passengers are boarding.

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