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Put Nextbus in Fairfax connector buses

The Nextbus app allows users to see when the next bus is coming and is on Fairfax CUE buses and on Metro buses. I feel that if Nextbus was on Fairfax connector buses, then it would allow riders to better plan their commutes and eliminate long waits due to buses not bein on time or not knowing when the next bus will be at their specific stop


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    ( Moderator )

    We are currently in the procurement process for real-time GPS tracking technology. Not sure which vendor it will be, but it's coming.

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    Community Member

    I would so love this. I switch between WMATA Bus/FFX Connector on my route and this would help me determine which stops to get off to minimize outdoor waiting times.

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    Nicholas Amatuzzi

    Having real-time bus predictions makes the entire system at least 10x more valuable. I support this idea entirely. Now just integrate the GTFS feed into Google Transit and we'll really have a system that's easy to use.

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    Ke Wang

    Especially when this new Silver Line opens and I have to switch to Fairfax Connector buses from Metro buses if I want to take the Silver Line, I find a major drawback of using Fairfax Connector and Silver Line is that FC is not in the NextBus system.

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