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Integrate with or replicate WMATA Route Planner

The WMATA Route Planner is great but there's no similar option for FFX buses. A mobile-friendly version would help make taking the bus around the county far easier!


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    ( Moderator )

    Jennifer-- what exactly do you mean by "integrate with"? We submit our route data to them, so you can search the trip planner and see our routes in a search. Is that what you meant, or something else? Thanks!

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    Jennifer Wells ( Idea Submitter )

    Well, the integration doesn't work completely. The WMATA system starts to break down the farther away from the metro core you get - so if you're trying to get to a bus stop on Reston Parkway, for example, the more difficult it is to find the information. Also, since the WMATA system only recognizes very specific spellings of the FFX Connector stop names, it's really difficult to search directly. There've been times I've tried to get information on a destination, and the system either didn't recognize the destination at all, or gave me destination options in Maryland. This is obviously on WMATA's end, so it may be easier to just have a really robust trip planner focused on the FFX system.


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    bridget stansbury

    The trip planner has so many mistakes for the fairfax connector buses. Fairfax connector buses should have there own system,we used to years ago,we had something called the ride guide,it was great,then it just disappeared

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    Kari Christiansen

    The bad thing about the trip planner is that if the address you are looking for is not right on the street of the stop it will show up as not found even thou it is a block away or just around the corner from the stop. You can see that if you use Google maps.

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    Steve Yaffe

    The trip planner needs to be fixed, since so many Metrobus routes serve Fairfax County. Duplication will only confuse transit users. One Click at one Site!

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