Fairfax Countywide Transit Network Study

Hub & Spoke Transit Network

Create a Hub & Spoke Transit Network. Hubs would be defined by high-capacity transit stops (Metrorail, Light Rail, Streetcar, Bus Rapid Transit, or several high-frequency local routes) with zoning and land use rules revised to promote adjacent mixed-use higher density development.

Spokes would come in three flavors:

* Connections between hubs, using the modes indicated above;

* Peak period First Mile/Last Mile services connecting neighborhoods, office parks, industrial parks and medical centers with the nearest hub. These services could be fixed route bus, circulators, taxi stand and zone strategies, route deviation, zone dial-a-ride as done in Dallas and Denver...

* Off-Peak curb-to-curb circulators connecting non-driving residents including seniors and people with disabilities to nearby shopping, medical facilities, library, senior center, recreation/community centers, and a main-line transit stop.


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    Steve Yaffe ( Idea Submitter )

    Off-peak neighborhood circulators can be provided two days/week and allowed to grow if demand warrants.

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    Douglas Stewart

    This level of service can get awfully expensive. We need more efficient, compact land development, especially near the current Metro stations, to make demand-response first mile/last mile services like these work. Don't get me wrong, I want to see these put in place -- hand in hand with supportive land uses.

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