Fairfax Countywide Transit Network Study

Bus between Woodbridge and Fairfax City

Run a bus down 123 between Woodbridge and Fairfax City. It could then connect with the Cue bus to Metro and Connector busses. Many George Mason students/faculty/staff cover that ground. My guess is that hundreds of cars could be taken off this corridor.


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    I agree with this because it would make it a lot easier to get to the Works House Arts Center and GMU Right now that is a public transportation dead from the Lorton VRE all the way up to GMU.It would also take a lot of cars off this already busy corridor,from GMU to Woodbridge.You could try a trial Connector run like the run they did with the 495 express run between Burke 8 Tysons,say from GMU to the Lorton VRE.

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    Douglas Stewart

    Might work but this corridor does not have much density to support a bus service. Are there concentrations of users in particular parts of the corridor (Woodbridge, Lorton, etc.)? Perhaps it could be piloted as an express bus service stopping at these locations.

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