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Better Lighting at Bus Stops for Safety

I catch the bus late at night in Reston. Reston is not a great believer in street lighting. I catch the bus at Reston Hospital and the stops are pitch black at night. Allways afraid that the driver will miss me. I had the light on my cellphone lit like the driver suggested, I was right next to the sign and the driver still went right by me. The side street are totally dark at night from trees. Sometimes you have to walk a few blocks to your stop. A person was assaulted in Reston were I used to have to cut through a housing complex to reach the closest stop. If not you had to walk along Fox Mill Rd. to Reston Prkwy down a hill with no shoulder or sidwalk to get to the stop and hope that know one would hit you. I know it is more scenic, and it gives the illusion on living in the woods to have everything behind trees and no street lights but It makes it more dangerous at night. People would dare to do a lot more under the cover of darkness then they would in plain sight. Makes it harder for the police too. Herndon is safer in terms of lighting. Recommend having some sort of light on the bus stop signs or at least have reflecting tape on them like they have on highway signs so they are easier to see at night.


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    Arielle Masters

    I'm not a big proponent of streetlights overall, since the skies are so washed out around here that the stars are barely visible most nights, but you have some good points. County: how about motion-activated lights by less-used stops? That way riders will have light as they arrive and can keep the light on while waiting for the bus, and the bus will see them.

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    Steve Yaffe

    Technology is catching up- one company has a device that stores energy from sunlight - but it has to be activated by the user.

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